«Treff», the small table to gather around, is now in it’s 7th year of production. Inspired by forms from the … More

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Storage and the Sideboard

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Helxi 3D printed lamp

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CP tables collection creates better user experience

The CP line of furniture is made in a full range of sheet materials including 10 solid woods, Finnlandish Multiplex plywood with Linoleum or Phenol color coated plywood in eight colors. This range of materials and colors gives you the chance to really design the table to fit your interior.
Using a unique material saving design the legs are cut from the corners of the table plane and connected to form a strong, lightweight and beautiful structure above which the table top floats.

Klix boards

Klix serving and cutting boards made of select solid wood have a small strong magnet in the edge to hold them together. Use … More