«Treff», the small table to gather around, is now in it’s 7th year of production. Inspired by forms from the 1960’s and usability studies from 2005, it is a good experience and an eco-friendly product. The table top form is generated by cutting the leg form from the corner of a square sheet of plywood and then “pasting” the legs with secure fasteners together as the base. It is made with CNC technology from color coated Finland multiplex plywood and available in; white, brown, black and red melamine or Phenol resin coatings.

The Update feature is new in 2015.  The table top can be recovered in a choice of over 75 colors with HDPL (high density plastic laminate) from Fundermax’s outdoor series. The first “Treff” prototype built in 2008 has been on a balcony for the last 5 years and received an update to it’s red surface.  In addition to the original material savings eco-value now is the option to match the table top color to an interiors concept for; bar, café or a business break out rooms.

Two tables can be borrowed for trial or event rental upon request.


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