CP tables collection creates better user experience


Cut and paste is basically what woodworkers do.

In order to make affordable furniture, the simple Euclidean shapes have ruled style and the modern european marketplace since WWII.  But new competence and computer numerically controlled cutting (CNC) machines since 2000 have been put to use to do more interesting forming tasks largely due to design trends outside of Switzerland. But that has changed rapidily in the last few years and european design has followed visionary designers and new manufacturing methods to produce diverse solutions in new and old  materials.

The CP tables collection uses industrial produced sheet materials to fix materials cost and solve wood stability problems. The principles of correct use of materials and material optimizing drove the design development and realized a whole new formal language. More important is the new shapes provide a better user experience by allowing users to gather around the table.

Made of either solid wood, color-coated multiplex plywood or with a special furniture Linoleum in 20 colors over birch plywood, the tables are cut from a single sheet with the legs cut from the corner of the sheet are then glued together to produce an affordable, ergonomic and socially interesting table. To gather around one of these tables is to appreciate that certain slightly more complex geometries can create new user interactions and promote better communication.

If you live not too far from Bern and would like to try out one of these tables for a week people please call me for a reservation. Also supplied as event or trade show tables.


CP- Dining table made of solid walnut or ash wood



A great little breakfast or a cafe/bar table, because
no one gets the corner when it gets cosy, and
yet plenty of work or play surface.

a great table to gather around for breakfast, beer, cards


The coffee table is available in a variety of CNC cut shapes
to fit your living room. In addition to the lower priced
Linoleum covered plywood tables, a new solid wood
base is available.


Please enquire at info@riggs-design.ch

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