New «Sticks + Glass» & «Touch Fields» salon tables

sticks + glass table:

A steel ring, small notches in the legs and a heavy plate of satiniert glass for tension. It doesn’t get any simpler


«Touch Fields»  115 x 90 x 42 cm
(HPL_high pressure laminate panel on ash wood legs)
also available on the «sticks-glass frame»

The table «touch fields» is an analog translation of our touch screens realized as a coffee table. The four fields are removable glass panels which cover 4 stainless steel drawers that can hold your realized imagination. Selected objects from the past, ironic objects juxtaposition, snacks for the Apero guests and a place for your indoor lawn are just a few ways you can use the removable drawers. It is a table to support more than coffee cups, the sunday paper and magazines. It is a table to; spur commentary, reflection, compose ones postcards and memories. “Touch fields” lets one play with the real stuff of the reference and home-scape.  Order yours in a wide range of colors and several leg constructions.


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