Products made in one material


I appreciate furniture made from one material because it really challenges the designer to think with the material. Not just of the structure but also how the form interacts with the body and how we perceive it. A one material chair sometimes has a weakness. It may be either too weak, too uncomfortable, too heavy, too cheap looking or difficult to recycle. Organic forms in wood using reduction techniques usually means a lot of waste. The idea of casting or moulding a chair out of Etonite or pressed wood is attractive for mass production with little waste. I like the direction of Werner Aisslinger’s who has developed a new glue/hemp chair with a faceted character which is cast as a monoblock.


Clearly this chair made using high pressure moulding and new glue/natural materials goes a long way to solving the sustainability, stackability and aesthetic challenges in one development.
But it…

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