Self folding paper sculptures


I continue my search for new ways to use interesting materials. Origami has long fascinated me even while I “have big carpenter hands” and am a bit slow to solve problems. Not so with the artists Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine who are doing an astounding investigation of the fact, fascination and mathematical factoring of complex structures. Visit their links and discover some very cool stuff and amazing problem solving abilities; which are expressed as books, papers, workshops, exhibitions….


Continuing on the theme programable and 3D printing of large structures,  I reblog here a piece published last september from  ,writer Sammy Medina.

What might be the future of 3-D printing. «Hyperform» was developed by MIT grads and designers Marcelo Coelho andSkylar Tibbits to print large objects using small desktop printers. Where orthodox 3-D-printing techniques are fundamentally limited by the size of a printer bed, Hyperform prints large objects through a process of computational folding.

From SJET : a spin off of MIT there are several projects concerning self assembling matter and responsive surfaces which are very compelling.

In the container below shaking the bottle causes the pieces to self assemble due to fitting priorities. In the picture on the right the objects in the fluid also arrange themselves.

sjet-selfassembling-pieces FluidCrystalization

For self programming and assembling matter projects see:


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